My lack of maternal instinct affords me ample free time to socialize and travel. I’m always interested in meeting fellow wine-loving women who want to exchange dating horror stories via video chat, social media or in person with a bottle of Champagne in hand. I travel around the country promoting Jordan wines and enjoy hosting wine diva meet-ups while on the road.

Feel free to email me, post a comment on my Exes in My iPod Facebook page, message me on Twitter or add me to your circles on Google Plus.


I’m frequently contacted about consulting on projects involving wine marketing, digital media strategy, videography, media relations and tablet technology integration for small businesses. I work full-time for Jordan Vineyard & Winery and couldn’t possibly squeeze in consulting gigs even if I wanted to. That said, I’m happy to answer quick questions on Twitter or Facebook. Copies of presentations I’ve given at conferences are available on my SlideShare and LinkedIn pages, so I recommend starting there. When it comes to men, I’m always willing to give other women advice on navigating the frustrating world of dating—and never giving up on finding your soul mate.